About Us

The Foot Forward Sports Mission: Inspire & Encourage Health, Fitness & Enjoyable Exercise by Creating & Providing Innovative, Functional, Top Quality Running & Fitness Gear

Based out of Red Bank, New Jersey, Foot Forward Sports (FFS) was founded with the sole intention of inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals and live life to the fullest. 

FFS started as a simple Facebook Group seeking to encourage runners, and serve as a platform for our members to share their stories and interact to create a community of positivity. The FFS community grew faster than we could have imagined and we quickly realized how important daily motivation is to for a runner to achieve his or her goals.

We watched the running community of passionate marathon runners, running newbies and casual joggers explode we began to think about what we could do to truly inspire the community.  We wanted to help those who were having trouble getting started as well as those trying to bring down there ultra marathon time a few seconds more.

We began thinking outside of just daily inspirational posts and started reflecting on some of the ideas we had in the past for running accessories and fitness gear. You know when you think "Oh that'd be a great idea for a product!" and then follow it up with something like "Somebody should make that!"? Well, we realized that WE could be the ones to make it!

There are tons of options for running gear out there, but when it came to running belts in particular, we never found one that met all our needs. We wanted a running belt that would allow us to train without knowing it was there, would keep our phone, wallet, and other valuables dry, and separate our keys rolling around in the pocket, scratching up our brand new iPhone 6 Plus and the fall out each time the running belt was opened! It had to be super light, with a wider waistband to rid us all of the dreaded fanny pack bounce we knew too well.

In talking with our community members we came to realize that this is something they would be interested in as well. So we got to work! We created the Foot Forward Running Belt and the response was absolutely incredible! 

We still need more innovational options for fitness gear in general. 

We now seek to place the needs of our athletes first and foremost as we develop new products to make fitness just a bit easier, and a lot more fun. 

We are Foot Forward Sports. We're taking the first step into the next realm of smart sports gear. We hope you'll join us...