Running Belt FLASH - Best Exercise Belt, Running Belt iPhone 6 Design

  • VOTED BEST EXERCISE BELT, & MOST FUNCTIONAL RUNNING BELT - The Running Belt FLASH by Foot Forward has recently been voted #1 in running & fitness accessories! Here's why:
  • NO BOUNCE WHATSOEVER & SUPERIOR COMFORT - The Spandex-Lycra material of Running Belt FLASH is super lightweight and soft. The adjustable waist pack band contours to your hips or waist perfectly, making it seem as if your not even wearing it, while providing extra stability preventing the typical bouncing, riding up and chafing you get with other running belts during long runs and intense workouts!
  • MONEY BACK WARRANTY - No questions asked! If you're not happy... just return your Foot Forward Running Belt for a full refund!
  • EASILY, SECURELY FITS ALL SMARTPHONES, KEYS, AND OTHER ESSENTIALS - The Foot Forward Running Belt FLASH secures your keys with its new key clip design, and the elastic pocket stretches to fit any size smart phone and case including your iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as well as your sports gels, supplements, credit cards, energy bars or inhaler for running marathons, cycling, hiking, or walking! Any iPhone Running Belt issues you've ever had are now solved with the Foot Forward Running Belt FLASH!
  • WATER RESISTANT POCKET AND QUICK ACCESS - The Running Belt FLASH material has been engineered to deter water and other liquids, making them bead off instead of soaking in and our duel opening system allow you to get to your phone as soon as you need it instead of fumbling with a zipper system. And for added protection from moisture and security of your valuables we've added the Flash Mini Pocket which is lined with top quality polyurethane and zips closed, keeping any contents completely dry even on the longest run and attaching easily to the interior key clip so you don't drop anything when taking your valuables out mid run. These new additions have set the standard in running belts. 


The Running Belt FLASH - World's Most Durable, Zero Bounce, Waist Pack Bag:

Known for Innovative Design, The FFS FLASH is Made of High-Grade, Light Weight, Machine Washable Spandex-Lycra Material to Fit Your Smartphone Securely, Preventing Any Bouncing & Holding Up Through The Most Rigorous Use!

Easiest Access, Most Secure Pocket, Ample Storage:

The FLASH's Duel Opening Flex Pocket System Provides Extra Secure Storage, & Easy Access to Your Sports Gels, Keys, Wallet, ID, Cash and ANY size iPhone or other smart phone.

Light, Sleek, Exercise Belt:

The FLASH is Light Weight, Yet Extra Strong! Weighing Just 28 Ounces and Adjusting to Fit Waist Sizes 24" - 46" The Flash Provides a Perfect No Bounce Fit to Feel Like You're Not Even Wearing a Waist Pack!

Wide Comfort Waistband Prevents Typical Running Belt Chafing:

Ensures The Perfect Fit With Soft Material So You'll Never Worry About Skin Irritation.

Water Resistant Material & Waterproof MiniPocket:

The Main Running Belt Pouch Material Wards Off Water & The Polyurethane Lined, Zippered Mini Pocket Wallet Helps Water Proof Your Small, Moisture Vulnerable Contents Like Electronics. The Mini Pouch Hooks to The Interior Key Clip Keeping Contents Put When Taking Your Phone Out!

Reflective Logo:

The Foot Forward Logo Shines Bright When Light Hits it, Providing Extra Visibility, and Increasing Your Safety on Night Time Runs. Perfect for Winter When it Gets Dark Early!

60-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee:

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